Direct and open communication between publishers and advertisers

Integrated support of display, video, mobile and native ads

Brand protection, view-ability verification and analysis

Integration and tech support with simple and complete reporting interface


We built ADEQUANT as a new generation of ad exchanges: fast, trim and inexpensive. We concentrated our efforts on the core functionality needed to connect advertisers and publishers, while making sure that these essential core functions were well executed. ADEQUANT has NO minimum requirements for both publishers and advertisers and has an UNBEATABLE pricing model. We believe in freedom of communication between publisher and advertiser and have set up a platform to support this. We believe parties are educated enough to make informed buying and selling decision without 3rd party interference. We give each the freedom to achieve their own goals.


There are several well-known ad exchanges in the digital marketing ecosystem. They are extravagant and expensive, supporting numerous necessary as well as unnecessary functions. Their growing size and complexity has slowly created high barriers of entry for small DSPs, agencies, advertisers, and publishers.

If you are an advertiser with a budget below $5K or a publisher with Alexa(TM) rating above 5,000, your chance of joining one of existing ad exchanges is small. For instance, appNexus requires each supply partner to serve 50M+ impressions per day and The Rubicon Project requires a spending commitment of $5K/month from demand partners. Based on these conditions only the 2,000 largest publishers and a few hundred largest advertisers can utilize the existing ad exchanges directly. The other 100,000 publishers and 10,000 advertisers are forced to pay significant additional fees (50%+) to aggregators in order to access the ad exchanges. Their alternative is to to be kept out of programmable advertisement business altogether.

We saw an undeniable opportunity here, and with that ADEQUANT was born!


Premium Publishers

  • Free of charge access to demand sources (advertisers, DSPs, agencies, and ad networks)

Long-Tail Publishers

  • Low cost access to demand sources that would bring best monetization

All Publishers

  • Direct access to demand partners, opportunity to negotiate long-term relationships and deals
  • Opportunity to sell omni-channel inventory (display, video, mobile web, mobile video, mobile in-app) using the same ad exchange. It minimizes integration time, resources, and loss of inventory through pass-back procedure
  • Simple and complete self-serve user and reporting interface


No minimum visitor requirements

Free for premium publishers

Low-cost for remnant publishers


Free access to brand safety verification resources and view-ability data

Precise geo-targeting

Complete support of Open RTB 2.3.1


Free site analysis and review

Free license of video player

Free user behavior analytics

Site and content hosting


Well Priced Inventory • No Minimum Budget Requirements

  • Free of charge access to 15B monthly impressions from small and medium (“long-tail”) publishers
  • Low cost access to 1B monthly impressions from premium publishers

Key Features

  • Brand safety (semantic, traffic behavior, 3rd party partnership)
  • View-ability measurement and control

What's Included

Precise geo-targeting

100% support of third party tracking (Nelson, ComScore, Vizu, etc.)

Creative audit, all ad sizes supported by IAB, mobile ad formats and interstitials

Integrated access to display, video (in-stream and above the fold), mobile web, mobile video, and mobile in-app inventory

Complete support of Open RTB 2.3.1. Specs

Secure and insecure pixels and cookies support

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