Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ADEQUANT Ad Exchange?

ADEQUANT is a fast growing low-cost ad new generation ad exchange. ADEQUANT allowing buyers (advertisers) and sellers (publishers) complete freedom to collaborate directly using our functionality and unique technologies with no additional requirements or limitations.

What does ADEQUANT do for Advertisers?

Adequant provides advertisers:

  • Free of charge access to 15B monthly impressions from small and medium publishers
  • Low cost access to 1B monthly impressions from premium publishers
  • Integrated access to display, video (in-stream and above the fold), mobile web, mobile video mobile in-app and native ad inventory
  • Precise geo-targeting and support of third party tracking (Nelson, ComScore, Vizu, etc.)
  • Complete support of Open RTB 2.3.1 API
  • Fast seamless integration
  • Self-service user interface
  • Brand safety support, domain transparency, PMP technology, and viewability metrics.
  • Creative audit,
  • Support for all IAB ad sizes, mobile and interstitials.

What are the key benefits to me as an Advertiser?

  • The lowest cost of inventory in the programmable marketplace
  • No minimal budget requirements
  • Direct open communication with publishers
  • Integrated support of display, video, mobile and native ads
  • Brand protection and viewability
  • Simple and complete reporting data
  • Integration and tech support

How does an Advertiser integrate with ADEQUANT?

We understand that integration is the most important and time consuming part of the operation.

To accelerate and simplify integration we are providing the follows resources:

  • Dedicated ADEQUANT integration team providing 24/7 response to all questions and issues
  • Complete support of Open RTB 2.3.1 API
  • Optional support of appNexus or Rubicon Project API

What are the fees?

As an ADEQUANT advertiser your fees will be the lowest in the industry. We do this because we want to attract the best in advertisers and publishers, creating a robust ecosystem. We provide access to small publishers (defined as having an Alexa score of 3,000 and above) free of charge! Yes, you read that correctly! For premium sites (Alexa 3,000 and below) your fee is 6% only. There are no hidden charges (ad serving fees, monthly minimums, access fees or penalties).

We believe with this pricing structure you will get the best deal with Adequant, as compared to other Ad Exchanges.

How can ADEQUANT afford to provide such a fee structure?

ADEQUANT is a new generation Ad Exchange. It is designed with minimum overhead and lacks the fancy bells and whistles that often duplicate function or are never utilized. It also uses all of the modern “intelligent” technologies that minimize unnecessary use of man-hours.

What does ADEQUANT do for Publishers?

ADEQUANT provides:

  • Premium Publishers: Free of charge access to demand sources (advertisers, DSPs, agencies, and ad networks)
  • Long-tail Publishers: Low cost access to demand sources that would bring best monetization
  • Free site analysis and review
  • Free license of Video Player
  • Direct access to demand partners, opportunity to negotiate long-term relationships and deals
  • Opportunity to sell omni-channel inventory (display, video, mobile web, mobile video, mobile in-app) using the same ad exchange. It minimizes integration time, resources, and loss of inventory through the typical pass-back procedure
  • Free access to Brand safety verification resources and viewability data
  • Precise geo-targeting
  • Complete support of Open RTB 2.3.1
  • Self-service user interface

How does a Publisher integrate with ADEQUANT?

Publisher integration is very easy. You, as a potential publisher sign-up though the ADEQUANT portal and the ADEQUANT editorial team will evaluate you inventory. When accepted you will be provided integration tags with detailed instruction how to implement them on your site or inside your ad server.

How does a Publisher benefits from working with ADEQUANT?

  • Opportunity to get a maximum yield due to the low or no-cost ad exchange services
  • No minimal traffic size requirements
  • Direct open communication with advertisers
  • Integrated support of display, video, mobile and native ads
  • Brand protection and viewability verification and analysis
  • Simple and complete reporting data
  • Integration and tech support

Publisher Payments: how do I get paid?

Payments to Publishers will be processed net 75 assuming all advertiser payments have come in. Payments below $100 will be rolled over to next month’s payment run, until such a time when they reach the $100 min payment threshold.

Could I use ADEQUANT as an alternative to other Ad Exchanges?

Of course! You can start wherever you are most comfortable. Many of our publishers appreciate how they can transfer everything over to just one place. But, if you want to use ADEQUANT for only part of your inventory, we are still happy to work with you.

I actually already have a monetization system set up, can we still work together?

You can utilize ADEQUANT to sell segments of your inventory only. We suggest arranging for an AB test to evaluate our services vs your current set up.

How do I sign up?

Please visit and follow the sign up instructions there.